CEDAD - CEnter for DAting and Diagnostics   Department of Engineering of Innovation    Lecce University   Italy
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CEDAD is the first Italian Center for radiocarbon dating by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. It was established in 2000 by the Applied Physics Group of the Department of Engineering of Innovation of the Lecce University.

CEDAD includes TANDETRON, CLAMS and OPTLAB laboratories where nuclear, chemical and optical techniques are developed for applications in many research areas.

 CEDAD collaborates with the Departments of the University of Lecce, the Faculty of Cultural Heritage, national and international institutions for research and training activities in:

Archaeology, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Materials Science, Physics, Forensic Medicine.


Prof. Dr. Lucio Calcagnile
Full Professor of Applied Physics

Department of Engineering of Innovation - Faculty of Cultural Heritage
University of Lecce, via per Monteroni, 73100 Lecce - Italy
Phone:+39 0831 507372   Fax: +39 507408 e-mail:  lucio.calcagnile@unile.it